Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 4

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 4

Episode 4 opens with the continuing of the infamous bouncy house story line. “Corinne was straddling Nick in the bouncy house.” A sound bite we’ve actually never yet heard on ABC. This season of the Bachelor has literally become the Corinne show and you know what? I don’t hate it one bit. This girl knows exactly what the producers want and is for sure way smarter than she lets on – – mind you, she does run a “multi-billion dollar company” at age 24.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 4

Chris Harrison put on his finest plaid for the pool party and then Taylor’s high pony secured her another rose at the ceremony. Corinne makes a toast once her final rose has been handed out. This girl is savage.

We then, by default (the other location fell through due to a hurricane) head to Nick’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gross. Nick’s parents make a cameo and he cries. Can we talk about how his mom looks AMAZE for birthing like thirty some children?!

Danielle L. gets the first one-on-one of the evening. Her and Nick go to the local bakery and make “Nick-er-doodle” cookies – clever. I liked Danielle last episode, but after seeing her converse, she is very one note, which makes for a boring time. Nonetheless, Nick gives her a rose.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 4

Corinne is less than pleased to be shoveling poop on the dairy farm group date. She would much rather be eating chicken tacos and sushi. Can’t say I blame her. Who actually wants to do farm chores though? I’m lactose intolerant so this wasn’t fun to watch.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 4

Did you know Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan took naps just like Corinne?

“We’re fighting for a fiancĂ© not a pickle.” Noted.

The group date rose goes to the Russian spy who’s name I don’t remember.

Raven gets the second one-on-one date. They attend Bella’s (one of Nick’s eleven siblings) soccer game and then spice things up with a scenery change at the roller rink.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 4

Not sure what’s more impressive; Nick’s high knees in those skinny jeans or his date confessing that she beat her ex-bf with his mistress’ stiletto. #ThatsSoRaven

Taylor and Corinne go at it at the rose ceremony and we’re left with yet another to be continued…

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