Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 5

Episode 5 picks up right where we left off last week: Corinne vs. Taylor.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 5

After a bunch of bickering between the two, Corinne tattles to Nick about Taylor’s bullying tactics, yet alas, Taylor still gets a rose.

We then head to New Orleans where Rachel gets a one-on-one. The two dance around town and stuff their faces with oysters and beignets.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 5

The group date haunted house segment – and Boo, the house caretaker – really saved the episode from being a tragic snooze-fest. The girls attempt to contact May (who is either a doll or a dead girl – I missed that part) via the Ouija board in hopes of finding out if Nick will find love. As if May gives an efffff. May shockingly doesn’t answer so Jasmine declares May dead. Dolls go missing, chandeliers fall, and Raven declares her love for Nick after one date.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 5

All that being said, I slept with the lights on last night. May-1, Meghan-0.

Going into their two-on-one, Corinne hopes Nick will see her “golden heart” and Taylor hopes Nick won’t notice the ugly shirt she’s wearing.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 5

“I don’t have a nanny. I have a masters degree.” We get it Taylor, you’re looking to secure a spot on Bachelor in Paradise this season.

Corinne thinks Taylor is a big mean swamp monster (a direct quote), which she kind of is…

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 5

Corinne makes a voodoo doll while Nick sends Taylor home with probably a few dozen ticks. Not too keen on the outcome, Taylor crashes Nick and Corinne’s dinner and we are left with yet another TBC.

Goal for the week; try using “intelligency” in a sentence.

#SpoilerAlert: it’s not a word.

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