Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 7

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 7

First off, Nick needs to stop crying. It’s one thing to show a glimmer of emotion as a man, but Nick has shed one tear too many that even MY ovaries are screaming for him to shut the hell up.

Post tantrum, Nick decides to stay in position as the Bachelor, cancel the rose ceremony, and take the girls to Bimini.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 7

Corinne is really bloated (she said it) and frustrated that Vanessa gets the first one-on-one. Queen of the neutrals, Vanessa (who has an IMDb page?), shares she is falling in love with Nick. He doesn’t say it back.

The group date goes swimming with sharks. Seriously, how pissed do you think the aspiring dolphin trainer is right now?! We see Corinne get emotional and super insecure for the first time when Raven gets a rose, which secures her a hometown date – – think we’ll see her boutique next week? Still waiting for an ounce of style…

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 7

Some other girl who’s boring AF gets a one-on-one and Nick sends her home.

Corinne proclaims she’d live in a shack with no diamonds for Nick, so she must really like him and in a desperate attempt to showcase her platinum vag, she pays Nick a private visit which he shuts down fast.

Rachel – the new Bachelorette (guess she doesn’t win?) – gets the third one-on-one and after all is said and done, Nick ends up sending Kristina, the lipstick eater, home.

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