Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 9

First off, I was super pissed we only got one hour of The Bachelor last night. Secondly, WHO has three whole hours to watch next week?! ABC is asking a lot from us as Bachelor Nation.

After Andi Dorfman gives Nick some advice on his upcoming fantasy suite dates, he apologizes for their past and fences are mended. I got a really flirty vibe between these two – could have just been their nerves and the super awkward setting though.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 9

Clearly producers wanted to prep the contestants for Finland because everyone looked absolutely freezing at the Rose Ceremony. Rachel has my jacket. I knew I liked her!

I don’t know who cried harder when Corinne got the boot. Me or her. I loved Corinne’s feminist takeaway of never catering to a man’s ego ever again. We will definitely be seeing this girl in Paradise, but just want to throw it out there that I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets a call from Dancing With The Stars as well…

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 9

Raven gets the first overnight and she makes it clear to Nick that he needs to keep two things in mind when spending “alone” time with her – – one, she’s only ever been intimate with one other person (reminder: she beat him up with her stiletto) and two, he never made her orgasm. Seriously, WHY did we need to be fed this information? Her parents are watching this. Raven also makes big strides by saying “I love you” for the first time. I sort of feel bad she chose a Keebler Elf to share that moment with, albeit, their cookies are delicious.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall Episode 9

Hopefully next week, someone burns that heinous turtleneck…

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