Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall FINALE

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m honestly so glad this season of the Bachelor is over…

The finale opens with Nick wandering around Finland pondering if his future is with Raven or Vanessa.

His family flies in to meet the final two girls and help with the task. Truthfully, I would DIE if my husband was this unclear the week before popping the question.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall FINALE

Raven’s up first. Her and Bella reunite (reminder: they bonded at the roller rink on a previous date). Bella reminds me of the little sister from Breaking Amish.

Nick’s poor parents have really been through the ringer with their son. I guess we all know where Nick gets the crying genes from…

Side Note: Nick’s mom looks like Claire Underwood from House of Cards.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall FINALE

Vanessa tells the fam about how she puked her brains out on their first date and how much she loves Nick. Her and Nick’s dad bond over tears.

Cut to the last dates. Nick and Vanessa hang with Santa, but Raven gets to go ice skating… and play with puppies! #Winning

Nick dumps Raven (somewhere Bella is wiping away her tears) and proposes to Vanessa, which we all could’ve guessed week one.

Bachelor Recap: Nick Viall FINALE

Here’s to hoping Raven’s style gets an upgrade in Paradise this June…

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