Easy Bake Lashes

easy bake lashes

Hi, my name is Meghan Lorine and I am an eyelash addict. Like, literally, would give anything for baby doll lashes forever and always. I mean, who doesn’t love a luscious set of lashes?

Last year in my quest for a pair, I decided to have a go at extensions. Look, I’ll try anything once, but boy did I learn my lesson. Never again. While the absorbent amount of compliments made up for the hour long application session of poking and prodding at my eyelids, after three weeks, I had enough. Don’t get me wrong, my lashes were a hit, but I couldn’t wait to rip those babies off. Rather than scheduling an appointment with the salon like I was told, my impatient self decided I was capable enough to remove the glue on my own. Big mistake. After soaking the extensions in makeup remover, the glue was released and the extensions were off…along with my REAL lashes.

Cue the Regina George scream.. you know the scene where she realizes she’s been eating Caltine bars..


That was me.

Determined to find a solution, I quickly turned to Google. All research showed it would take a solid 6-8 weeks for my lashes to fully grow back. Not good enough. Luckily, I stumbled upon an article that promised OLIVE OIL would be the lash miracle I so desperately needed.

After a week of applying olive oil to my lashes before bed every night, I noticed a huge difference. Not only did my lashes grow back at a rapid pace, I noticed they were fuller and healthier looking than ever before. I still to this day keep up with this beauty regimen.

Moral of this ramble..If you have eyelash extensions, always have a professional remove them.

Shout out to Ardell! Amplifying eyes for decades.


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