I Didn’t Shower for a Week

I Didn't Shower for a Week

Vivienne Westwood recently admitted that her age old beauty secret is – get this – “rarely” bathing. Cue the choir as the church doors open.

“She only takes a bath every week. That’s why she looks so radiant,” Westwood’s husband, said. He added, “I only wash once a month,” though it’s unclear if he was joking or not…

While skipping the shower sounds unconventional, this method obviously works for the 76-year-old designer (I mean, just look at her!) and is quite common amongst celebs. Robert Pattinson admitted to not washing his hair (same) and Jessica Simpson “saves water” by only brushing her teeth a few times a week, which is absolutely vile. And to think, I thought I was gross for only doing laundry every three months. While Vivienne’s method is a bit eccentric, I was intrigued – and feeling lazy last week, so I gave it a whirl.

I found myself having A LOT of questions throughout the week; does Vivienne wash her face? Because I did. Does Vivienne exercise? Because I opted to binge Fuller House in lieu of smelling from a daily sweat sesh. Does Vivienne not smell like sex all the time?!

I ended the week with my blowout looking fresh (the lack of steam did wonders!) and my skin feeling radiant (I may have overcompensated with the sheet masks), however, the paranoia of potentially clearing out a room from your stench was not worth it – [Note: I asked multiple sources and they all said I did NOT, I repeat: did NOT smell] – and while avoiding the shower is good for the environment and easing up on the soap helped to bring out my body’s natural protective oils, I most definitely would not suggest making a habit out of Vivienne’s ways.

I Didn't Shower for a Week

Truth or Dare: Have you ever attempted this? / I dare you to try!

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