Netflix’s A Christmas Prince

Netflix's A Christmas Prince

After Netflix revealed on Twitter that 53 people had watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days, I had to find out if these people just needed a life or if the fuss was actually legit.

And you know what?! The Oscars are about to be a clean sweep this year.

It’s the best piece of trash I’ve seen in awhile and just might be a new Christmas classic! The Santa Clause, A Very Brady Christmas, Elf – these are all part of my holiday favorites – and A Christmas Prince fits right in.

The Netflix original – about an aspiring young journalist who gets sent abroad to get the scoop on a dashing prince who’s poised to be king – is also very on brand with today’s current events.

Think: Meghan Markle.

For those of you nostalgic for the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen classics like Passport to Paris or Amanda Bynes’ (pre-unicorn hair) What A Girl Wants or even Hilary Duff’s A Cinderella Story, A Christmas Prince will quench your thirst. Plus, the prince is hot.

Netflix's A Christmas Prince

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