Reimagining ‘Sex And The City’

Reimagining 'Sex And The City'

Man Repeller recently sipped the sweet inspiration (their words; not mine) out of Sex and the City’s most memorable warm-weather outfits. Stylistically speaking, this article really spoke to me. The outfits are outrageously over-the-top for summer and capture the thing I love most about the style of SATC – it (still to this day) paves the way for personal fashion.

For me, summer is about spending hours getting glam for a night out only to find yourself covered in flour in the back of D’Angelo’s Pizza making pies for unsuspecting customers with your bestie at 2am. It’s about rolling out of bed in last night’s makeup, slathering your body in SPF and napping on the beach in your favorite crochet bikini. It’s about (alcohol-free) happy hours at the Parker House in your favorite Lilly shift that you’ve worn legit one TOO many times. And over-accessorizing only to take your dog for a walk in the park – just because.

Tie all of the above into one perfect outfit combo – then clash it – and you’re in for one hell of a summer night.

Reimagining 'Sex And The City'

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