Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 1

Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 1

Riverdale returned last night with Season 2 and (spoiler!) it’s still a haunted town – dark, mysterious, and stylistically exquisite.

We open with Archie – and his blood-stained letterman jacket – illegally driving his dad to the hospital.

Reminder: Mr. Andrews got shot at Pops.

The whole gang gathers at the hospital to support Archie. Cheryl included. We last saw Cheryl Blossom burning her house down, and now, her mom is in the hospital as well. Apparently, she got scorched attempting to save a family portrait in the fire. Not worth it if you ask me.

Betty takes a ride on Jughead’s motorcycle to Pops where they discover that no money was stolen – only Mr. Andrews’ wallet – while Veronica and Archie get it on in the shower before heading to the sheriff’s station to look at a lineup of potential thieves.

We’re left with the question of was what happened to Archie’s dad at Pops premeditated? Why did they only take his wallet? Were Veronica’s parents somehow involved now that her smokeshow of a father is out of prison? ¬†And why did the same person decide to murder Ms. Grundy?!?!

Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 1

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