Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 12

Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 12

Rich high-rolling gangster takes small town kid under his wing. This is what’s become of Archie and Hiram Lodge’s relationship. Sort of Pretty Woman-ish if you ask me – aside from the fact that Julia Roberts wasn’t in cahoots with the FBI, no?

This episode centers mainly around Veronica’s confirmation – dress code: Catholic chic. I’m pretty sure I was in like sixth grade when I got confirmed and not a Riverdale Vixen, but whatevs. A Lodge family gathering means many a criminal rolling into Riverdale.

Dark Betty is deep down the webcam hatchet, thanks to Chic. And from the looks of that dead body, the entire Cooper family is now engrossed in this dark world as well.

Hiram invites Archie to his poker game – inner circle only – sort of like Tobey and Leo in Molly’s Game. Archie refuses to wear a wire and overhears some of the players planning a hit on Hiram after V’s confirmation.

Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 12

Penny, the Snake Charmer, is still butt hurt over Jughead carving out her Serpent tattoo. Can you literally blame her?! Veronica, who doesn’t want Archie brought into her family’s mob activities (#toolate), sings “Bittersweet Symphony” – a personal fav of mine from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack – with Josie. Again, there were ZERO solos at my confirmation… wtf.
And after Archie fills Hiram in on his potential danger, one of the criminals gets a bullet to the head.

Riverdale Fashion: Season 2 Episode 12

We also got a glimpse this episode of a possible Betty and Jughead reunion, which gave me all the feels.

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