Sneaky Fat

sneaky fat

My daily routine typically consists of waking up in a panic due to the explosive sound of my alarm (it’s to Mac Miller’s ‘Knock Knock‘ – don’t judge) and being instantly agitated because I didn’t get to find out whether Ryan Gosling got me the orange or navy Birkin on our shopping spree dream date (Crazy Stupid Love was on HBO, again).

Aside from it being way early and having to head in to the office with your game face on, the last thing anyone wants to do is head out for a run. As the chill starts to intensify into a freeze, it’s easy to make excuses as to why you should stay in bed snuggled up with your pups and forgo that early gym sesh.

Enter sneaky fat – or as I like to call it, motivation.

Sneaky fat is the stage five clinger that loves to sneak up in the frigid months and ruin that knockout beach bod you had pre-November. It’s like the ugly step sisters who will do anything to keep Cinderella from getting to the ball to find her Prince Charming – even if it means attaching themselves to her love handles.

Luckily, has found a handful of easy-to-do indoor fitness videos a la YouTube to avoid this villian.

sneaky fat

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