There is a God

Or Goddess in this case.

there is a god

Josie Maran – model citizen and argan oil enthusiast – has completely changed the game of bronzing thanks to her Argan Glow Self-Tanning Body Wash. So long are the days of costly spray tans and sweating over the application of DIY tanners. Josie’s body wash allows you to apply the tanner with a loofah while you’re in the shower – Talk about the greatest invention since sliced bread (even though I’m gluten free)!

there is a god

I’d been planning to get airbrushed so I would be tan for the weekend, but literally after just one use, I’m five shades darker and streak-free – cue the Joey Lawrence “WOAH”.  I’m sold – game, set, match!

there is a god

Side Note: In honor of it officially being bikini season, Leandra Medine aka the Man Repeller posted an article on just how harsh the sun can be on our skin – all the more reason to enhance our natural beauty with Josie Maran Cosmetics. x

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